Wheelchair-Bound Woman Killed in Detroit Firebombing

June 6, 2024
A woman has been arrested for throwing the device at the Detroit home of her ex-boyfriend.

A woman was taken into custody for allegedly throwing a firebomb at her ex-boyfriend's house, killing his wheelchair-bound mother.

The man, his mother, and another woman were all inside the home at the time of the incident. Two managed to jump out a back window, according to KJBK. 

The mom was killed in the fire while the other two were able to jump out of a back window.

The firebomb was intended for the victim’s son, authorities said, adding that there is evidence that the female suspect bought an accelerant from a nearby gas station shortly before the incident.

Detroit police arrested the ex-girlfriend, who was found hiding out at a motel in Livonia. Another woman who was with her was also taken into custody.

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