Orange County, CA, Firefighters Rescue Dog Stuck in Wall

May 15, 2024
The crew used sledgehammers to break down the bathroom wall and free the pup.

Orange County Fire Authority firefighters used a thermal imaging camera to find a dog trapped behind a bathroom wall.

"We could see where she was at, so we had two options," firefighter Hector Jimenez told KCAL. "Going through the drywall was our no. 1 option, but we could either use a sledgehammer or a saw to get access."

The dog named Faye climbed had climbed through a small access hole on the outside of the house.

The homeowners said they tried for several hours to coax the pup out, but she appeared to be stuck.

Once firefighters tore down the wall, Faye was able to climb out.

"They went beyond duties and everything to get Faye out safely," owner Dat Nguyen said. 

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