UT FF Rescues Dog From Frigid Pond

Jan. 16, 2024
The frightened pup snapped at the North Davis firefighter who completed his mission to save Bob.

North Davis firefighters put their ice rescue skills to the test to help a four-legged victim.

Bob became stuck after an ice shelf prevented him from being able to get out after his plunge into the pond firefighters explained on the department's Facebook page.

A firefighter crawled across the ice toward the struggling victim. 

But, the scared pup wasn't amused by the person who was crawling backwards toward him and started growling. 

"Don't worry, Bob! He's gonna save you!" one person can be heard yelling. 

As his crewmates shouted instructions from the shore, the firefighter swam up behind Bob to grab hold of him. Bob didn't take kindly to that at first and tried to bite him, Fox13 reported. 

But the firefighter was not deterred, and managed to help Bob out of the water and onto the ice. 

Crews also issued a safety warning to local residents: "Please be safe with your pets and children as ice conditions are still not as safe as we’d like them to be."