Boston Firefighters Learn Cancer Detection Skills

Dec. 8, 2021
The Boston Fire Department has partnered with a Westborough-based agency to teach firefighters methods to enhance early cancer detection.

The Boston Fire Department has partnered with DetecTogether to ensure their firefighters have increased their skill levels in detecting cancer.

Cancer in the fire service has become an increased health risk in recent years.

Firefighters have a nine percent higher risk of developing cancer and a 14 percent greater risk of dying from cancer, according to a press release by DetecTogether, who teamed up to educate Boston Fire Department members. 

Training that started in September and concluded this week, teaches firefighters how to identify early symptoms, establishes a timeframe for action, and instructs personnel how to work with physicians for quality outcomes.

“Firefighters are many things— strong, brave, devoted. But, we can also be pretty stubborn when it comes to our health, putting off symptoms and avoiding doctor visits,” says Boston firefighter Dan Ranahan said. “My hope is that DetecTogether’s training program will be a staple in the Boston Fire Department for years to come, and that many firefighter lives will be saved.”

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