TX Department Stands-Down for Mental Health

Nov. 15, 2022
San Antonio Chief Charles Hood says he's concerned about the entire well-being of every member.

Mental health is just as important for fire and rescue personnel as being physically fit.

“Those who call us for help count on us to be at our best, even on the worst days of their lives,” San Antonio Chief Charles Hood said in a memo to his department.

“Moreover, firefighter depression and suicide are directly tied to the culture of invulnerability within the fire service; this culture must change. We must evolve away from being passive observers of those who need help and move towards a culture of offering our support…”

That’s why Hood has instituted a department-wide stand-down for mental health.

‘The purpose of the mental health stand-down is to bring attention to the resources available to assist those struggling with their emotional well-being. This week you will see new mental health posters at your station. Each poster has a QR code that provides contact information for suicide prevention, peer support, and crisis hotlines, as well as our employee assistance and behavioral health resources,” the chief noted.

A mental-health podcast will be held to promote the various programs and services available. And, all are encouraged to view a powerful video created by Firefighter Kevin Burke.

“I care deeply about the psychological health of every San Antonio Fire Department member,” Hood said.

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