Payne County, OK, Firefighters Suffer Heat-Related Issues at Fire

Feb. 21, 2024
Firefighters in Payne County were stricken tackling a brush fire that spread to houses.

Several firefighters suffered heat-related issues Tuesday while battling a fire that burned houses and brush.

"We had some firefighters that went down because of heat exhaustion. No one is used to the heat yet.  It’s been so cool," Payne County Emergency Manager Jeff Kuhn told KOCO.

One of the houses was occupied, and the residents are OK while the other was vacant.

Kuhn said it is just the beginning of fire season, and it's here a little earlier than usual. Warmer weather mixed with dry conditions and wind makes it a prime time for fires.

"Normally the month of March is really our bad month, but this was actually supposed to be the good day this week. So, the next few weeks are actually supposed to be worst," Kuhn said.