Lorain, OH, Fire Stations Locked Down after Threat

March 4, 2024
Lorain firefighters were only allowed to leave the station Saturday to respond to emergencies until the man was arrested.

Lorain fire stations were placed on lockdown for six hours Saturday after a credible threat.

The suspect went to a fire station and beat on the door, but Lorain firefighters would not let him inside, WOIO reported.

He also urinated near the station. 

Assistant Fire Chief Jonathon George said while firefighters enjoy being out in public, due to the threat, they stayed inside their stations for hours unless they were called for an emergency.

That all changed Saturday afternoon when Joseph Hengst, 32 of Lorain, was arrested outside the Cleveland post of Ohio State Highway Patrol.

When he asked to use a cruiser, the dispatcher recognized him and his vehicle as the suspect Lorain Police were seeking. 

Police haven't said why the fire department was threatened.