Colorado Springs Officials to Cover Firefighters' Out-of-Pocket Expenses for Treatment of Cancer and Other Issues

May 11, 2024
The city will pick up the tab for treatment related to certain kinds of cancer, heart disease and mental health issues.

Colorado Springs officials let their firefighters they appreciate them and have their backs.

Firefighters will not have to pay out-of-pocket expenses for medical treatment related to certain kinds of cancer, heart disease, and behavioral health issues.

Mayor Yemi Mobolade signed into the Colorado Firefighter Trust, allowing firefighters to get their medical expenses compensated without having to fight for workman's compensation, KRDO reported. 

"Our firefighters have a 9% greater chance of being diagnosed with cancer, a 40% greater chance of dying from cancer. These first responders risk themselves for the greater good, and the last thing they should do is worry about when they face," the mayor said.

"The reality is, even with all that we do,  there's still a potential of somebody getting cancer," Colorado Springs Fire Chief Randy Royal said. "Among the firefighters here today, there are at least three or four that I can see right now that have either dealt with it or are dealing with it right now."

He added that at least 30 firefighters in Colorado Springs had dealt with cancer, or were getting treatment for it now. He said that over the decades of his career, he could see the risk escalating.

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