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Air locks, which are designated by the number “19,” minimize air flow to the private area of the firehouse from the apparatus floor. The airlocks’ double-door configuration contributes to station security when the doors are equipped with a locking mechanism.

Station Design: Built-In Firehouse Protections

Jan. 17, 2022
Ralph DeLuca Jr. explains how security measures and station hardening can springboard easily from other firehouse design aspects.
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Surveillance footage captured the men loitering around the Rahway fire station while firefighters were out on a call.
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Two Who Stole from NJ Fire Station 'Cooperating' with Police

Nov. 30, 2019
Surveillance cameras captured four men who stole personal belongings from Rahway firefighters who were out on a call.
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MedixSafe Announces New Website Launch

Nov. 13, 2019
MedixSafe, a leader in the access control cabinet market, has announced the launch of its new website showcasing its diverse access and key control solutions.
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Station Design Conference

July 29, 2019
The Station Design Conference offers presentations by award-winning architects and project managers of fire stations and public safety facilities to guide you through the journey...
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Overhead doors are frequently left open to aid in ventilation, cooling or access with the apparatus bay. This reduces security for the staff, equipment, and building.

10 Points for a Safer Station

May 1, 2019
Jeff Humphreys and Brett Hanson share tips for designing a secure facility to protect firefighters.