In Quarters: Denton, TX, Fire Station No. 2

Jan. 22, 2019
Fire Station No. 2 in Denton, TX, was built on a heavily wooded site in a residential area with a goal of retaining as many trees as possible and incorporating them into the design.

This facility received a Career Silver Award in Firehouse's 2018 Station Design Awards. Find the full list of winners here.

Fire Station No. 2 is built on a heavily wooded site in a residential area. The goal was to retain as many of the trees as possible and incorporate them into the design where it made sense. The design team worked closely with the engineers and the city in following the city’s tree ordinance to maintain as much of the tree canopy as feasible. This also added points to the city’s goal of achieving LEED certification for this station.

The design goal of the project was to create a prototype station that could be duplicated with modifications to fit other available property in the city. The idea was to “put the space where they needed it,” and with the help of a very involved design committee from the fire department and city, an understated yet practical design evolved that fit extremely well in the existing neighborhood.

Design features include four double-stacked apparatus bays, sleeping quarters for a crew of six, plus an additional sleeping quarter for ride-alongs, a separate captain’s suite, an exercise room sized for multiple users, a tiered dayroom to accommodate the large crew, a spacious kitchen for multiple cooks, and a great patio off the kitchen, set against the trees on the property. In addition, the facility has a commanding brick tower that is in keeping with the design of not only other fire stations, but other municipal buildings throughout the city.

Life safety features include pressurized vestibules between the bays and the living quarters with walk-off mats in the floor to catch airborne contaminants, and the laundry/EMS storage area also serves as a hardened Safe Room. A secured parking lot at the rear of the station is accessible with a coded keypad.

Architect/Firm Name: Kirkpatrick Architecture Studio.

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