Product Showcase 2/13

Feb. 1, 2013

Avon Protection

The nVision Thermal Imager from Avon Protection utilizes the latest technology advancements in thermal imaging sensors, providing greater thermal sensitivity, a higher detector saturation point, a wider operating temperature range, improved image update rate and temperature colorization. Sensors are available in 160x120 for the nVision XT and 320x240 for the nVision XTP.

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Dräger’s NFPA-approved UCF 9000 meets and exceeds the new NFPA 1801-2013 standard for thermal imaging cameras and is UL-approved as intrinsically safe.   The UCF 9000 boasts 384x288 high resolution, 2X and 4X zoom and is supplied with a standard USB 2.0 interface and PC software, making it possible to configure the camera and transfer videos and images directly to a PC.

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The new E380N from ISG is the first all-new thermal imager designed to meet the most rigorous demands of extreme firefighting environments and meets all requirements of NFPA 1801-2013 Standard for Thermal Imagers. The E380N uses ISG Infrasys’ super high-resolution technology driving a new sensor with more than 100,000 pixels to achieve almost 50% better picture quality than the best competitive high-resolution thermal imagers.  

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MSA’s Evolution® 5000 Series thermal imaging cameras (TICs) TICs provide functionality and durability, combined with features and performance not found on other TICs.  User-friendly features include single-button activation, patented dual-handle design for ease of handoff, lightweight lithium-ion battery with over two hours of run time, a protected battery compartment, Standard Quick Temp, Heat Seeker Plus and interchangeable accessories.  MSA provides a two-year camera core warranty and a one-year warranty on all other camera components.

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Scott Safety

Eagle Attack by Scott Safety is a tactical lightweight thermal imaging camera. Its high-resolution design provides users with great image quality and functionality not normally available in lightweight imagers. Developed for on-the-job reliability, durability and ease-of-use, Eagle Attack is one of the lightest and most portable imagers in the industry. The camera is equipped with an ample display, a high-degree dynamic range, class-leading resolution and high sensitivity for quick and easy fire analysis.

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