Grinch Steals Radios from Middlefield CT Firehouse on Christmas Day

Jan. 7, 2024
The man entered the Middlefield fire station Christmas night and made off with two Motorola radios.

It wasn't Santa that stopped by the Middlefield fire station Christmas to leave gifts for the firefighters, but a grinch in green who stole critical communications equipment. 

Police released video of the man who broke into the fire station after 9 p.m. Christmas. He was wearing a green sweatshirt in surveillance video captured as he moved through the station.

The man stole two green Motorola radios, according to "Middlefield Fire" is inscribed on the radios, officials confirmed. 

"This equipment does not belong to us but belongs to our community and anyone that it could be used to help," Fire Chief Peter Tyc said in a statement. "Every piece of equipment plays a part in our operations, and while this is a deficit, the public should remain certain that our operational capabilities are not compromised."

The thief accessed the station through a side door, left the view of the camera, returned, and left through the same door.