Paramedic's Fast Reaction Prevents Crash on I-95 in Peabody, MA

Feb. 13, 2024
A car crossed the median and was headed straight for the Cataldo ambulance.

A paramedic's fast, correct action prevented a crash on I-95 Tuesday afternoon that would have likely injured him, another medic and their patient.

Cataldo Ambulance Service Paramedic Tim Crosbie was driving on I-95 south in Peabody when a car crossed the median, started overturning and was headed straight for the ambulance.

"I had to make the last-minute, or last-second decision to turn left or turn right. And just the way it was coming at me, I chose to go right. Obviously, that was the right decision to make," Crosbie told WCVB. 

"Like everybody says, sometimes it's in slow motion. Obviously.  it happened fast. But to me. it was very slow," he added. "That's what my partner and I were saying on the way back from the call we had done. It just seemed like it was in slow motion."

The 17-year-old driver of the car was not seriously injured.