Speed a Factor in Fort Worth, TX, Fire Truck Crash, Cops Say

April 10, 2024
Two firefighters seriously injured in the rollover in February are recovering and have not returned to duty.

Lana Ferguson

The Dallas Morning News


An investigation into a Fort Worth fire engine crash, which injured four crew members including two seriously, concluded speed was a contributing factor in the February incident.

This main investigation was completed by Fort Worth police but the fire department’s internal investigation is ongoing, according to a Monday news release. The latter investigation is expected to be completed by August.

The crash occurred Feb. 6 when the crew was responding to a fire as a single-family house in the 4500 block of Pecos Street.

The fire truck was the only vehicle involved in the crash as it “lost control and flipped over” about 2:30 a.m. near the intersection of Village Creek Road and Wilbarger Street, department spokesperson Craig Trojacek said at the time.

The critically injured firefighters remain off-work and undergoing treatment, the release said.

The fire department said it “accepts these findings” from the police investigation, including speed being a contributing factor in the crash.

“As fire chief it is my responsibility to assure the men and women of our organization have the opportunity to go home safe at the end of their shift and that did not happen on February 6th,” Fire Chief Jim Davis said in the release. “The Fort Worth Fire Department now has the responsibility to complete their review and investigation with an open and transparent approach.”

Davis said the department is examining its policies and practices to determine if the were adequate or if additional training or policy trainings needs to take place.

“We take these responsibilities seriously,” he said.

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