Teen Dies after Being Struck by Prairieton, IN, Fire Vehicle

July 6, 2024
Investigators said the teenager who was struck by the Prairieton Fire vehicle is suspected of having started the fire.

The teenager who was struck Wednesday night by a Prairieton Fire Department vehicle at a fire scene has died.

The Vigo County Sheriff's office said Tyler Wilson, 17, died from his injuries at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. 

Investigators from the sherrif's office believe Wilson started the fire in a group of hay bales, WTHR reported.

"He (the driver) did not see the juvenile until he was right up on him, and it was too late to stop at that point," Vigo Sherrif's Chief of Operations Derek Fell told WTHITV.com. "Obviously, he did stop, but it was after he had struck him," said .

"I was driving the first truck which was involved in the incident, however, both trucks were traveling with lights and sirens are activated in accordance with the posted speed limit," Praireton Fire Chief Bud Bonham said in a statement. "We do our very best to ensure that everyone on the road is safe and take drivers training very seriously. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen, as evidenced by Wednesday night's incident that are completely unavoidable and out of our control."

"We are deeply saddened by this incident. This is truly a tragedy, and we are so very sorry for the loss of this young individual," the department shared in the statement.
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