Veteran Houston Firefighter Arrested for Child Pornography

Feb. 26, 2024
The 21-year veteran of the department was placed on leave after his arrest.

A veteran Houston firefighter has been arrestedfor possessin of child pornography.

Police said they found videos of children as young as seven on Kenneth Zink's phone, KHOU reported.

Zink, 47, also admitted to his wife and family that he recorded a girl taking a shower.

The 21-year-veteran of the department, who is out on bail, may not possess a phone or computer with internet access. He also may not have contact with anyone under 17.

If convicted, he is facing 10 years behind bars. 

He has been placed on administrative leave.

“The employee’s actions, if true, do not reflect the values of the Houston fire department, nor do they speak for the thousands of hardworking firefighters who do great things every day,” the department wrote in a statement.