Chicago Bus Driver, Passenger Alert Residents about House Fires

March 5, 2024
Chicago firefighters encountered heavy fire showing from two houses.

In addition to picking up passengers on his regular route in south Chicago early Monday, a bus driver saved residents from a house fire.

"I could see the flames just, truly just reaching for the heavens," Anastasios Adamopoulos told abc7. 

He and a passenger, Chris Campbell, ran toward the houses on fire. 

"Me and the bus driver seen the flames half a block away," said witness Chris Campbell. "We pulled over, we went and woke up everybody."

Adamopoulos explained: "We stopped the bus and we just started knocking on doors, started yelling 'Fire,' called 911, making sure everybody was accounted for. People were kind of hysterical, which you can understand. It could've been me or my family. You just do something. You do something. Something is better enough than nothing."

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.