Two-Alarm Fire Heavily Damages Pittsburgh Building

March 15, 2013
Fire caused heavy damage to a three-story building on Pittsburgh's North Side. The fire lit up the area and across the river Downtown.

March 15--A two-alarm fire caused heavy damage late Thursday night to the third floor and roof of a three-story building at 404 East Ohio St. across the street from the Park House in Pittsburgh's North Side.

No injuries were reported, though one resident apparently was treated for shortness of breath because he had left his inhaler behind when evacuating.

Firefighters arriving on the scene of the fire reported shortly after 11 p.m. saw smoke coming from the third floor of the brick building. Unable to get into the front due to a boarded-up door, they went around to the back and saw heavy flames.

The second alarm was quickly called out as Engine 32 and other arriving trucks laid hose to hydrants along East Ohio and Cedar.

The fire lit up the area around it on the North Side and across the river Downtown.

A report of voices coming from the third floor led to concerns that someone might still in the burning building, but an interior search crew determined the building was clear.

At about 11:35 p.m., firefighters knocked the blaze down to where they were extinguishing hot spots between the third-floor ceiling and the flat roof above.

The fire was officially declared under control at 11:44 p.m., but firefighters were still working on a few hot spots.

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