UK Firefighter Hurt as Safety Demo Goes Awry

May 13, 2013
He was demonstrating how to extinguish a chip pan fire when he was burned.

A FIREFIGHTER was taken to hospital after an accident during a safety demonstration.

The emergency crew member was treated for burns at Fraserburgh Hospital after the incident at the emergency services' annual Blue Light Festival.

The male firefighter was hurt during a demonstration of how to properly extinguish a chip pan fire.

A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said it was believed that his injuries were "not serious."

Event organiser Beldy Blackhall, 63, who witnessed the accident, said: "He was okay, it was just the wind that caught the fire when he was putting on the liquid that they use to start the fire.

"His suit was a bit marked but he was okay and everything else was fine."

The Scottish Ambulance Service spokesman said: "We took him to Fraserburgh A&E.

"We got the call at 1.05pm yesterday and he was taken by ambulance."

Yesterday's Blue Light Festival - now in its 12th year - showed off the work of emergency services across the North-east.

Firefighters from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service also demonstrated how they cut away the roof from cars in serious accidents.

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