Volunteer Firefighter Alliance Offers Free Fire Prevention Material

Aug. 23, 2018
Free fire prevention materials is being offered to fire departments, schools, and civic organizations across the country by the alliance.

KNOXVILLE, TN -- The Volunteer Firefighter Alliance is gearing up for Fire Prevention Week 2018 by offering free fire prevention materials to fire departments, schools, and civic organizations across the country. 

The Alliance hopes that these materials will help raise fire prevention awareness in communities across the nation. Over the last 12 months, they have distributed over 270,000 pieces of materials to over 700 different organizations. This is a great program to help teach children in 

communities across the country about fire safety and prevention.

Groups can get started by visiting http://www.volunteerfirefighteralliance.org and clicking on the ‘programs’ tab to request materials. If the materials are ordered by September 15, 2018, the organization should receive them by mail in time for Fire Prevention Week. 

The Volunteer Firefighter Alliance is a national non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to assisting volunteer firefighters and their departments through many diverse programs. In addition to their fire prevention program, the alliance has a firefighter recruitment program. 

Through the recruitment program the Alliance has set out to help volunteer fire departments recruit members through national radio and television public service announcements, direct mail outreach programs, and by providing customized marketing materials to individual departments. 

● Through this program they have reached over 42,911,770 people nationally with radio PSAs (per Nielsen Media reports) 

● The Alliance has mailed out recruitment information to over 3,917,207 people across the country 

● Distributed television PSA's to 423 cable outlets nationally

● Distributed radio PSA's to over 700 radio stations nationally

Details are available at http://www.volunteerfirefighteralliance.org.

About Volunteer Firefighter Alliance

The Volunteer Firefighter Alliance is committed to fire safety and prevention through public education. The non-profit organization also assists local volunteer fire departments across the country in areas such as recruitment, community outreach, fundraising, and public education. 

For more information, visit http://www.volunteerfirefighteralliance.org

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