July 15, 2009
Put in service on March 31, 1999 this unit is used as a command post at major or extended term fire and EMS incidents. It responds first with an officer and Driver to most fire calls and responds as the third unit to EMS calls where it's use may be required. The unit is equipped with a PTO driven generator, 2-1500 watt telescoping quartz lights, 2-500 watt tripod mounted quartz lights, 1-500 watt Quartz cage light and an assortment of cords and accessories. The unit is set-up to handle CO detector calls with a PPV and exhaust fans, four SCBA and a CO monitor. Other accessories include a bolt cutters, fire ax, brooms, two fire extinguishers, five flashlights, a hooligan tool, an Indian pump can, a tool kit, temperature probe and gun and a variety of resource materials.

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