Engine 75

July 15, 2009
This Engine was acquired from Willingboro FD, N.J. in 2000. The late Lt. Gary Spotts, GRFD training officer, who passed away in 2001 from cancer, was the key success in obtaining this engine. Lt. Spotts was a former member of the Willingboro FD and found out the engine was going to be retired. He was able to acquire the engine for GRFD at no cost to the department. This engine has a 1250 gpm Waterous pump, 500 gallon tank, two 1 3/4" preconnected attack lines, one 2 1/2" preconnected "blitz" line, 700 feet of 5" supply line, 300 feet of 3" supply line and pre-piped deck gun. The plaque on the Captain's side of the truck near the jumpseat dedicates the truck in the memory of Lt. Gary Spotts and all he had accomplished for the GRFD. This engine is our engine for use on mutual aid calls.

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