Brush 2

July 15, 2009
Brush 2 is our Heavy-Duty brush truck. It is a 1983 2 1/2 ton Chevy carrying 1000 gallons of water along with 5 gallons of foam. It's powered by a 210 horsepower GM turbo-charged diesel with a 5 speed manual and a two speed rear axle. While it is only rear wheel drive, it has agressive tires and low gearing, allowing it to go off-road. Water is pumped with a 4 cylinder diesel pump, supplying powerful water flow even with multiple nozzles in use. It has 2 short hoses (one 1-inch line and one 1 3/4 inch), one 1-inch "redline" on an electric reel, a 100 foot 1 3/4 inch crosslay, and a remote controlled nozzle mounted high on the front bumper with a "control stick" on the dashboard in the cab. Brush 2 can also draft when needed and is Station 2's primary brush truck.

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