Rescue 40

July 15, 2009
This heavy rescue is our 1st due for all auto accidents as well as any rescue and structural fire responses. Unit carries rehab equipment, rappelling gear,stokes basket,full compliment of pike poles,2 excalibur rescue systems. As well as 2 pre-connected electrical reels hooked to the 5400 Honda generator, 2 pre-connected Amkus rescue spreader and cutters. Unit is equipment to handle a mass casualty emergency. Full compliment of Basic medical as well as Trauma bags. Cribbing,spine boards,On board scene 4-light tower,landing strobes for Acadian ambulance Air Med. 6 SCBA with spares.Misc. hand tools. Mister cooling system. k-12 rescue saw,Chainsaw,PPV Fans. 2 500 watt portable light towers. various chairs and tables for command and rehab.Future plans call for Level A and B hazmat suits a well as a full compliment of Haz-mat gear.

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