Buildings Destroyed, Ohio Firefighters Injured

April 13, 2009
One firefighter was taken to the hospital while others were treated for smoke inhalation.


Historic buildings in Massillon are in danger of collapsing after a massive fire along a city block.

The fire started in a downtown gallery about 5 p.m. Sunday on Lincoln Way.

It quickly spread to adjoining buildings.

Firefighters were injured during the fire as they tried to enter a building.

The gallery owners live in an apartment above the business.

A witness said he was enjoying Easter dinner when smoke started coming from the bathroom.

The building was fully engulfed the building within moments.

"My wife and I have been building this business for 11 years now so to see it go up in just a couple if hours is really hard."

One firefighter was taken to the hospital. Others were treated for smoke inhalation.

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