Explosion Rips Through New Mexico House

May 15, 2008
The homeowner believes propane tanks left in her garage triggered the explosion.


Firefighters are trying to pinpoint the cause of an explosion that leveled a home in northeast Albuquerque.

The blast ripped through the house near Eubank Boulevard and Constitution Avenue Wednesday evening.

The homeowner, Geri Hyder, believes propane tanks left in her garage triggered the explosion, which toppled numerous walls inside her house.

Hyder says she was in her living room watching television when debris started falling on her. "I was sitting on the couch and there was this huge explosion," said Hyder. "I thought a plane had hit the house. My one wall caved in and my china was exploding on the other side of the room."

Hyder escaped the blast with only minor cuts. A dog inside her home suffered minor injuries when it was hit by falling debris.

Firefighters said they were investigating whether the propane tanks in the garage could have leaked and gas could have come in contact with the pilot light for the home's heating system. They said that could have caused an explosion the size of the one that destroyed the home.

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