North Carolina Family Jumps Off Roof to Escape Fire

March 28, 2008
The mother broke her leg in the jump.


A house was destroyed and a family's cars were charred after a fire ripped through a home on Oak Haven Place in Concord early Thursday morning.

A neighbor, Wesley Goodnight, heard screams and ran out to help, only to see a mother and her 7-month-old baby perched precariously on the edge of the roof.

He said, "Jessica, the neighbor, was on the roof holding her baby, screaming 'Save my baby.' She dropped her to me, and I caught the baby."

That's when the mother slipped, lost her balance and flipped off the roof. She broke her leg when she hit the ground. Seconds later, her husband jumped off the roof and was caught by neighbors.

When firefighters arrived, they ran into problems of their own -- water pressure was low. Still, Concord Fire Capt. Fidel Goodnight said the huge flames were the biggest obstacle.

"We'd like to put the fire out. This fire had progressed to the point we could not do that. It was the most difficult portion of this fire," Fidel Goodnight said.

Wesley Goodnight is thankful he helped save the family but sad he couldn't get to their dog. "I did all I could .. I kicked in the back door. I was going to try to get the dog, but I couldn't breathe. There was too much smoke. I did all I could do."

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