Newborn Kittens Found in Florida Fire Truck

Sept. 29, 2008
The firefighters said they hope someone can give the kittens a loving home.


Palm Beach Gardens firefighters found five newborn kittens in their fire truck Thursday morning.

"We just got it back from public works, the engine was getting fixed," said Palm Beach Gardens firefighter Justin Autwell. "So somehow they must have gotten in over there."

The firefighters at Palm Beach Gardens Station 4 were preparing for a training session when they pulled out a hose and the kittens tumbled out.

"We're pulling out the hose and we heard them whimpering," Autwell said. "We jumped up in here and saw they were all up in there, all five of them."

Firefighters said the truck was sent to the city public works lot for repairs and was returned to the station Wednesday night. Firefighters believe the kittens were born on the truck while it was being fixed.

The firefighters put the kittens in a box, put them in the back of their rescue truck and gave them some oxygen.

The kittens appeared to be only a few days old. Their mother was nowhere to be found.

They took the kittens to the Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary to get checked out. Veterinarians said they appeared to be OK.

The firefighters said they hope someone can give the kittens a loving home. Anyone interested can call Safe Harbor at 561-747-1598.

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