Pennsylvania Firefighter/Soldier Killed In Iraq

June 26, 2008
At 19, Yohn joined the Highspire Volunteer Firefighting Squad.


Friends and family in Dauphin County are in mourning after a soldier on his first tour of duty is killed in Iraq.

The military has not yet released the details of the death of Pfc. James Yohn, 25, of Highspire.

Yohn had been serving in Iraq since October and was awaiting the birth of his first child within a month.

At 19, Yohn joined the Highspire Volunteer Firefighting Squad, where he got noticed for more than his smile.

He was actually great on the scene, too. He'd jump right in. He was somebody you wanted behind you, Firefighter Michael Ondeck said.

His squad mates said that after years of talking about it in the firehouse, he signed up to fight with the U.S. Army.

While training in Texas, Yohn met his future wife and then while on a short break from the war zone, he came home to marry her.

That was the last time anyone in Highspire saw him.

Yohns wife said that she is due to give birth in 24 days to a boy. She said that she will name him James Yohn, Jr.

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