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April 12, 2013

A fire truck from Dallas-Fire Rescue Station No. 19 was shot at this morning as it traveled along Interstate 30 in East Dallas. The truck was hit, but Dallas fire officials and the Dallas Police Department say no one was injured.

Senior Corporal Melinda Gutierrez, a Dallas police spokesperson, says the incident occurred a little before 9:45 this morning. Jason Evans, spokesman for Dallas-Fire Rescue, says one of the truck’s rear windows broke somewhere near the Barry Avenue/Munger Boulevard exit. Firefighters, Evans says, “originally thought they were hit by a rock; but during the course of [its] investigation, Dallas PD had reason to believe it was something other than a rock.”

Gutierrez confirms: The vehicle was struck by a gunshot.

“There were no injuries, but the vehicle did sustain damage,” she says. “And no suspects have been located.”

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