The Buzz on Technical Rescue: Ice & Cold Water Rescue

Feb. 15, 2011

Host Bob Duemmel talks with Rush, NY, Fire Chief Jim Bucci about ice and cold water rescue. Bucci is a New York state fire instructor and helped create his department's water rescue team.

The two look at the basics of ice and cold water rescue and how the conditions affect the victim survivability profile. Bucci discusses how the different bodies of water can impact the victim and responders, based on their characterisitcs.

Listen as they discuss the tactics and skills remove victims who are caught and trapped in such situations and how responders can prevent themselves from becoming caught as well. They look at the equipment and training that any firefighter should have before getting involved in such scenarions and here how mutual aid can bolster your response resources.

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Note: Host Bob Duemmel will be recording two live editions of "The Buzz on Technical Rescue" at Firehouse World in San Diego. Both will take place on Feb. 28. Join Bob and his guests for a roundtable on trench rescue at 8:30 a.m. At 1:45, Bob will talk with several Southern California responders about the lessons they learned at recent incidents. Learn more at

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