New Hybrid Vehicle High Voltage-SRS Shut Down Procedure Field Guides

June 5, 2009
Failure to shutdown / disable a crashed hybrid vehicle’s High Voltage system prior to performing your duties may result in serious injury, even death to first Responders.

June 05, 2009 – Released
New Hybrid Vehicle High Voltage / SRS Shut Down Procedure Field Guides

Failure to shutdown / disable a crashed hybrid vehicle’s High Voltage system prior to performing your duties may result in serious injury, even death to first Responders.

Back in 2007 Mike Mosher & Pat Bonanno began searching for a quick reference field guide with high voltage shutdown procedures for Hybrid cars and trucks. Unfortunately all they could find was what the manufacturer’s had made available for their hybrid models which were 20 to 30+ pages long per vehicle. At that point they decided to use their combined 45 years automotive and truck experience to create a guide of their own.

Their main mission was to create a step by step quick shut down field guide with each vehicle’s procedures all on one page. It was no easy task to accomplish attempting to condense the manufacturer’s 30+ page emergency response guides down to one page per vehicle but 7 long months later the first Hybrid Hazards Co. Hybrid Vehicle High Voltage Shutdown Field Guide was launched about the middle of September, 2008.

The response we’re getting from Fire Departments who have had the opportunity to see the new Hybrid Hazards Co. field guides has been really great! Comments such as “It’s about time somebody came out with this”, have been heard time and time again.

When you consider the fact that many of these hybrid electric vehicles contain up to 650 Volts, can move without making a sound up to 25 mph and if not shut down properly at a collision scene may just get up and take off without notice, driving over anything in its way. This is not good, for first responders who have to deal with vehicle incidents 7 days a week.

The quick shutdown field guides from Hybrid Hazards Co are a perfect solution for first responders who have had very little or no training on Hybrid Vehicle safety. All the procedures they need to quickly shut down/disable a hybrid vehicle’s high voltage / SRS system can be within arms reach of their vehicle’s glove box.

The guides cover 26 hybrid models on the road today including the Enova school bus. Quick step by step high voltage shut down procedures, hidden 12 volt battery locations, fuse box locations, trunk, hood and tailgate release lever locations, high voltage service disconnect switch locations, even SRS / air bag and high voltage power down times are in the guides which some take up to 10 minutes on some vehicles to power down.

Full color 3D See thru illustrations of the vehicles showing all high voltage system components, cable colors, cable routing, fuse box and 12 volt battery locations are also included which gives first responders a quick visual of the complete high voltage system.

These field guides are a perfect fit for all 1st Out - responders, towing recovery companies, repair shops and recycler operations.

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Randy Schmitz – Calgary firefighter and extrication instructor.
“It looks to me like Pat and Mike from Hybrid Hazards Co. have found a great solution for First Responders with their Hybrid vehicle quick shut down guide.

I asked Hybrid Hazards Co. to send me one of their guides so I could see first hand just what was inside, and to my surprise it looks like they've got all the bases covered.

The layout of the guide was done in a way where as all procedures for each vehicle are layed out in a step by step description, with each individual vehicle shut down procedures all on one page per/vehicle.

The field guide allows first responders quick access to the information they need when shutting down a Hybrid vehicle’s high voltage and SRS system, and the 3D color illustrated vehicle images they’ve installed in the guide give a quick visual of all high voltage system components, 12v battery, fuse box, etc.,

Hybrid Hazards Co. claims they are offering the procedure guide at a very affordable price and new vehicle updates will be available at a discounted rate for previous customers, which makes this guide a great alternative to costly software and licensing fees.

It’s important to remember that training is a must for all First Responders when it comes to Hybrid vehicles but with the many different makes and models running around out there today this procedure guide is a great little quick access tool to have on board.

Hats off to Pat and Mike from Hybrid Hazards Co. Once everyone catches on that this guide is available I wouldn't be surprised to find one in every 1st Out vehicle across the country.”

Randy Schmitz – Calgary firefighter and extrication instructor
Randy Schmitz has been involved in the extrication field for 16 years and has competed in all levels of extrication competition including world challenges. He is the Alberta chair for Transport Emergency Rescue Committee in Canada, chair of the T.E.R.C. Canada educational committee and a judge for T.E.R.C. Canada and U.S. Contact him at [email protected]

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