E-ONE Delivers HP 78 to Stennis Space Center

Oct. 21, 2009

Ocala, FL (October 20, 2009) - Jacobs FOSC Fire Protection at the Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, Miss., recently ordered and took delivery of a new E-ONE HP 78 aerial ladder.

With three rocket engine test stands, multiple high angle industrial structures, and various hazardous materials on site, Jacobs FOSC Fire Protection at the Stennis Space Center faces the challenging task of protecting more than 5000 daytime visitors and employees from these unique hazards.

"Our department had a great need for the various capabilities the HP 78 offers in respect to the unique fire protection challenges at Stennis Space Center," Jacobs FOSC Fire Protection Chief Clark Smith said. "After researching other manufacturers and our own department's needs, we felt the reach of the ladder, the pump volume capabilities and many other features of the HP 78 met our department's challenging requirements."

After writing a detailed list of specifications and working closely with Neil Clark of Sunbelt Fire Apparatus, Chief Smith and the Jacobs FOSC Fire protection were able to purchase the new aerial unit.

"Sunbelt Fire and Neil were very professional, very attentive and there for us at a moment's notice," Chief Smith said. "The truck is in service and we are looking forward to the training next week to learn all the unique features the HP 78 has to offer."

Clark, a Sunbelt Fire Apparatus salesperson, enjoyed working with Jacobs FOSC Fire Protection and was thrilled to help the department acquire the much-needed unit.

"Chief Smith has been a loose-equipment customer of ours for years so it was a privilege and an honor working with him on this purchase," Clark said. "This department did their homework by researching and evaluating all their options. We feel they made a wise decision and look forward to our continued relationship."

To learn more about the E-ONE HP 78 or to locate an E-ONE dealer near you, visit www.E-ONE.com.

About E-ONE
As a leading manufacturer of first responder vehicles, E-ONE engineers, manufactures and markets mission-critical vehicles including custom and commercial pumpers tankers, Water Master vacuum tankers, aerial ladders and platforms, command and communication apparatus, quick attack units, industrial trucks, and aircraft rescue firefighting vehicles. The company sells its products world-wide and is headquartered in Ocala, Florida. E-ONE is an ISO 9001 registered and CCC certified manufacturer.

For more information, visit www.E-ONE.com.


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