San Francisco Fire Department Receives New High-Tech Training Simulator

Nov. 29, 2007
The simulator replicates the real-life patient compartment of an ambulance and is equipped with an interactive mannequin.

SAN FRANCISCO (Nov. 26, 2007) -- The San Francisco Fire Department has received a new high-tech training simulator and life-like mannequin valued at over $37,000 for on-going EMS training. The equipment was purchased with a grant from Fireman's Fund Insurance Company.

The simulator replicates the real-life patient compartment of an ambulance. It is equipped with an interactive mannequin which has the capability to breathe, have a pulse, and maintain a simulated blood pressure. As part of the training experience, the instructor can electronically alter the patient's condition at any time to reflect a heart attack or other medical emergency. Paramedics will be able to establish intravenous access, place breathing tubes, and initiate drug therapy and even shock the patient's heart in order to stabilize the patient during transport.

"We are grateful to receive a donation of equipment that will assist our members and enhance their performance when responding to the public we serve," said Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White. "This simulator is of tremendous benefit and value to our department and the community."

Housed at the fire department's division of training, the simulator is centrally-located and will be available to all staff for team exercises, new recruit orientation, review of infrequently utilized skills, and remediation.

"This is the first such training device in California for pre-hospital care," said Danielle Cagan, community relations director at Fireman's Fund Insurance Company. "Our Fireman's Fund Heritage program is designed to not only outfit fire departments with emergency tools and equipment, but to provide them with training materials and resources as well."

Since 2004, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company has issued grants to hundreds of different fire departments across the country totaling more than $14 million.

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