Outgoing Toronto Fire Chief Reflects on 32-Year Career

May 14, 2024
Matthew Pegg, who served as fire chief for eight years of his 32 years with Toronto Fire Services, talked about some of the memorable incidents.

After three decades of serving the city of Toronto, Fire Chief Matthew Pegg is retiring in October.

He joined Toronto's City News to reflect on his career, including the highs and low.

"Not all days have been easy, there are a few days I wish I could forget. But I have loved every minute," Pegg said during the interview. 

He joined the department 32 years ago and served as interim fire chief until he was named fire chief eight years ago.

During his career, Pegg lead the city through the COVID-19, the city's largest deployment of fire resources for a commercial fire and myriad of other incidents. 

Looking back to the pandemic, Pegg said it was a one-in-a-lifetime career moment that he'll always remember. 

"I had such an amazing seat. I got to watch a city of more than three million people come together and create solutions out of nothing," he said. 

During his tenure, the department responded to the city's largest fire at the Toronto Badminton and Racquet Club in February 2017.

Remembering the aftermath of the four-day firefight, he said a photo of an unscathed umbrella next to the fire building show the dedication of this firefighters. 

As chief, he was always ready to talk with media about the department's responses and action and said one phrase stood out a positive.

"Every time I have the chance to stand in front of a camera and say there were no injuries, that's a success to me."

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