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  • November 2023

    The November issue of Firehouse includes the announcement of the winners of the 10th annual Firehouse Station Design Awards. plus the 2023 Apparatus Showcase, a preview of the 2024 CTEX conference and a feature article on the ability of company officers to call an audible as fire conditions change.

    Station Design Awards 2023

    Dec. 8, 2023
    Firehouse is pleased to present the 10th annual Station Design Awards, which showcases outstanding fire and emergency service facilities.
    Nov 23 Health And Wellness Author Pic
    Safety & Health

    Health & Wellness: Insomnia Relief for Firefighters: The Role of CBT-I

    Dec. 8, 2023
    Brandon Dreiman explains the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy of insomnia and the challenges of how it applies to members of the fire service.
    Photos by Brian S. Gettemeier
    Firefighters are prepared for their response to a fire while en route via riding assignments and order of arrival documents. However, after arrival and the completion of a 360-degree size-up, the company officer should be able to alter tactics.
    Operations & Training

    Calling the Audible in a Changing Environment

    Dec. 5, 2023
    Brian S. Gettemeier tells why company officers and their crew must prepare and train to opt for tactics that are different than what were expected to be necessary while they are...
    Careers & Education

    CTEX 2024 Preview: Chef Robert Irvine Headlines Speaker Lineup

    Dec. 4, 2023
    CTEX 2024 will feature Chef Robert Irvine's thoughts on the importance of the firehouse kitchen table and retired the UK's London Fire Brigade's retired Commissioner's recollections...

    EMS: Ambulance Size vs. Safety

    Nov. 10, 2023
    Richard Bossert reminds EMS organizations that the safety of their providers and patients can be affected by numerous facets of ambulance construction and operation.

    More content from November 2023

    Photo by Dennis Walus
    Firefighters battle a fire at a vacant school

    Apparatus Showcase 2023

    Nov. 10, 2023
    Manufacturers display the latest and greatest in fire-rescue and EMS apparatus and boats.
    Joh Salka
    Operations & Training

    The Fire Scene: Attack Line Variables

    Nov. 10, 2023
    John Salka Jr. removes any possible confusion for first-in engine officers at a structure fire regarding pulling hose to attack the fire based on diameter and length.
    Photos courtesy of the Burton, SC, Fire District
    A whole-community approach to community risk reduction goes beyond smoke alarms and slips and falls, to involve citizens to reduce a variety of risks before data tell you that action is necessary.
    Community Risk

    Community Risk Reduction: A Whole-Community Resiliency Approach

    Nov. 10, 2023
    Daniel Byrne hails a CRR approach that acts before data show a need to better prepare the members of a community as the Immediate Responders that they are.
    Photos by Jonathan Hall
    Knee walls range from 3 feet tall to chest height and often are found in the finished half-stories of dwellings. Half-stories might include a collar tie, which spans the rafters on opposing sides of the structure.
    Operations & Training

    Engine Essentials: Extinguishing Knee Wall Fires

    Nov. 10, 2023
    Jonathan Hall says the fire behavior and hazards of a residential fire that involves knee walls require particular approaches to size-up and fire attack to minimize risk to firefighters...
    Photo by Brandon Fletcher
    Firefighters use sandbags for dam to contain hazardous materials

    Technical Rescue: Hazmat Product Control for the Operations-Level Responder

    Nov. 10, 2023
    Brandon Fletcher's explanation of nine methods to control a hazardous material release provides firefighters the ability to decide what to do on scene in the absence of a hazmat...
    Community Risk

    First Due: Take Charge of Battery Safety

    Nov. 10, 2023
    Adam Barowy and Becki Rowan-White provide perhaps the most specific instruction and hands-on-useful educational materials so that fire departments can protect themselves and their...
    The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) named Gary Krichbaum managing director.
    Careers & Education

    For the Record 11/23

    Nov. 10, 2023
    ESO analysis of 2021 data found that almost one in five firefighters who were exposed to smoke or combustion products have no decontamination procedures documents.
    Photo by Jay Bradish
    Operations & Training

    Hot Shots 11/23

    Nov. 10, 2023
    Bradford City Fire Department (BCFD) firefighters were dispatched to an appliance fire in a residence.
    Careers & Education

    As Firehouse Sees It: Today’s Firefighters Get Ready to Lead Tomorrow’s Fire Service

    Nov. 10, 2023
    Peter Matthews urges officers and senior members to embrace their responsibility to change their approach to training and education, to create the best future leaders.