June 2024

The June issue of Firehouse includes the 2023 Valor & Community Service Awards, part 1 of the Firehouse National Run Survey, a preview of the new FireFusion event and much more.
Jim Michaud
Careers & Education

Firehouse National Run Survey 2023 - Part 1

June 28, 2024
Part 1 looks at Fire Department Profiles, Total Calls, Busiest Engine and Busiest Ladder company.
Photos by Adam Zebrak

Technical Rescue: How a Rope Rescue Team’s Changes Paid Off

June 27, 2024
Adam Zebrak's explanation of how the Rochester, NY, Fire Department's adoption of changes to its rope rescue techniques is valuable insight for other teams.
Photos by Michael Daley
Operations & Training

Fire Studies: Water on the Fire … and Sustaining It

June 26, 2024
Michael Daley urges fire departments of all types, including volunteer and rural departments, to dedicate much time and thought to the process to bring large amounts of water ...
Photo by Raymond Chiozza
Careers & Education

2023 Valor & Community Service Awards

June 24, 2024
Firehouse is pleased to announce the honorees in the 2023 Firehouse Magazine Valor Awards.
Valor Awards

As Firehouse Sees It: Situational Awareness, Off Duty and On Duty

June 23, 2024
Peter Matthews directs firefighters and officers to the details of the incidents that earned members Firehouse's 2023 Michael O. McNamee Award winners for a reminder of the importance...

More content from June 2024

Photo by Jay L, Heath
Operations & Training

Hot Shots 6/24

June 21, 2024
Members of the Hopkinton Fire Department battled 30–40 mph winds and a wind chill of -10 degrees Fahrenheit in knocking down a fully involved attached garage.
Careers & Education

Volunteer View: Revolutionizing Recruitment with ChatGPT

June 20, 2024
Katie Bulla's success at applying ChatGPT for volunteer department recruitment provides actionable opportunities for others.
Safety & Health

Health & Wellness: Creating a Successful Nutrition Program–An Update

June 18, 2024
Dana Harrison stresses the importance of soliciting input from members and consistency of effort in initiatives to improve firefighter health.
Photos by Rick Mosher

Apparatus Innovations: Spotter Mirror & Backing Intercom–Quicker, More Effective & Safer Apparatus Operation

June 17, 2024
Rick Mosher shares his unrepentant belief in the installation of an officer's side spotter mirror and a backing intercom to optimize engineers' operation of fire apparatus.
Tech & Comm

FireFusion Preview: Moving the Fire Service Forward Through Technology

June 13, 2024
The keynote address at FireFusion will serve to highlight the event’s overall worth for providing attendees with information about how emerging technologies can pave the way for...

Leadership Lessons: Navigating Crucial Conversations

June 12, 2024
Dr. David Griffin shares seven principles for how department leaders can improve their communication skills, for the benefit of themselves and their organization.
Operations & Training

The Fire Scene: Roll Call

June 11, 2024
John J. Salka Jr. is as committed to the preparation as to the event itself.
Tech & Comm

Fire Technology: Three Ways to Join the Smart City Movement

June 10, 2024
Jason Moore tells how intelligent traffic control and preemption, data collection and exchange, and a more sophisticated use of drones are possible when fire organizations reach...
Photo by CSFA Staff Photographer Brandy Carlos
Careers & Education

You Have to See It to Believe You Can Be It

June 5, 2024
Deena Lee provides ways that fire departments can improve their DEI efforts by explaining details of the California State Firefighters' Association's involvement in girls empowerment...

First Due: Six Paths to Leadership Curiosity, Confidence and Courage

June 4, 2024
Billy Croft tells how developing self-awareness, building resilience and applying four other practices help leaders to inspire and guide others toward success.