TwinSawUSA Partners with MES Fire and Makita USA

March 29, 2024
Makita will supply cordless motors and MES will be exclusive sellers in North America.

Rockford, Michigan March 24, 2024 – TwinSawUSA has come to an agreement with Municipal Emergency Services, Inc (MES FIRE) to become the exclusive distributor and sales force in North America for their innovative rescue saws.

Municipal Emergency Services, Inc. is the largest distributor of firefighting and emergency response equipment to fire departments and first responders in the United States. With a local network of 200+ sales representatives, 90+ certified mobile service technicians, 5,600+ years of combined first responder experience, and 8,000 hours of certified training, they can provide a level of service, product knowledge, and quality that is unparalleled in the industry.

MES supports its customers with a nationwide warehousing system that carries the equipment, parts and uniforms to meet the immediate needs of their customers.

“This is a great opportunity for both TwinSawUSA as well as the fire service in North America. MES will help us get this new technology to the masses and therefore save lives,” said Scott Green, one of the partners at TwinSawUSA.

TwinSaw technology has been available in Europe for almost 25 years and is considered one of the sharpest rescue tools in the world. Two counter rotating blades cut through almost any material with virtually no sparking or saw reaction. These characteristics make the saws not only extremely sharp but also very safe to handle. Late last year TwinSawUSA partnered with Makita USA to build their saws on multiple Makita battery platforms.


MES Fire is headquartered in Sandy Hook, CT, and the company employees a team of over
500 dedicated employees to serve communities throughout the United States.

TwinSawUSA is headquartered in Rockford, just outside the city of Grand Rapids,

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