Father Drops Toddler to Washington DC FF

May 31, 2022
DC Fire and EMS firefighter Kenny McKiney caught the toddler as firefighters were preparing to enter the burning buildings.

A Washington D.C. firefighter caught a toddler after the father dropped the child from a second-story window Sunday.

“You could see the front door was filled with black smoke, and as we were advancing with the attack line, a father was hanging out of the window with his child," DC Fire and EMS firefighter Kenny McKiney told NBC Washington.

He jumped into action and caught the child.

“Everything happened so fast I didn’t have time to get nervous it was more so I had a job that had to get done and I executed it to the best of my ability," McKiney said. 

This was the second rescue firefighters were involved with Sunday.

Earlier in the day, rookie firefighter Kojo Saunders searched an apartment and rescued a woman.