Two Killed in St. Charles, MO, Building Fire

Feb. 20, 2024
St. Charles City firefighters found the victims in the apartment of origin on the main level.

Two people were killed and an unknown number of people were hurt early Tuesday in an apartment building fire in St. Charles.

“Police were able to verbally make contact with the victims before our arrival. Between them making contact and when we arrived on the scene, that apartment was fully engulfed in flames.We were able to make entry into the building and push into that apartment. Unfortunately, the two residents inside that main floor apartment, where it appears the fire started, are both fatalities," St. Charles City Capt. Kelly Hunsel told Fox2Now. 

“So, we had victims coming out of the front door from upstairs, from the main level, and then we also had victims self-evacuating from the rear of the building as well. We were able to ladder the back of the building and rescue a couple of folks from a balcony on the third story of this building.”

Details about injiuries were unavailable as crews were still operating at the scene.