Fire in Truck Carrying Lithium-ion Batteries Leads to Evacuation in Columbus, OH

April 18, 2024
Firefighters evacuated people in a one-mile radius as they feared the 5,900 pounds of batteries may explode.

A truck fire involving lithium-ion batteries led to a three-hour evacuation in a section of Columbus Thursday morning.

Smoke was showing from the trailer where 5,900 pounds of batteries were located. Pressure was detected as well.

Firefighters ordered everyone within a mile radius to leave worried that the batteries could burn rapidly and explode, WBNS reported.

When a robot from the Columbus FIre Department's bomb squad opened the trailer doors, the oxygen ignited a fire which resulted in thick dark smoke billowing into the sky.

Firefighters worked into the afternoon to extinguish the fire.

There were no injuries. 


People were evacuated from their homes for several hours Thursday morning when a lithium-ion battery fire inside a semitruck in Columbus prompted a hazmat response.
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