Watch: Motorists Pull Man from Blazing Car along St. Paul, MN, Interstate

April 21, 2024
"Pull me out, pull me out," the victim pleaded with the Good Samaritans as they frantically tried to open the door.

Despite growing flames, passing motorists worked togehter to get a driver out of his car along a Minnesota highway.

A Honda ran off the road on I-94, hit a light pole and burst into flames around 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, according to Fox9.

Kadir Tolla was one of several Good Samaritans who stopped and ran to help.

"That could be me one day. What would happen if I was in that situation and my life was in the hands of strangers that I don't even know," said Tolla.

He and the others tried frantically to get the driver out.

"He was awake. He was saying 'pull me out, pull me out, pull me out,'" he said adding that the fire was increasing. 

"It was actually smacking us on our face but we just jumped back."

At one point, Tolla grabbed a piece of plastic from the side of the road and tried to break the window, to no avail.

A highway helper smashed the glass and the bystanders were able to pull the man to safety, just in time.

"Right when we got him out, the fire started going inside the car from the driver's side. I'm glad he got out in time."

The driver didn't suffer any serious injuries.

"It was just like the scariest moment of my life. This is something that I'll never forget. I will always remember this," Tolla said, adding that he was proud to have been part of the team of strangers who made a difference. 

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