Watch: Residents Battle Fire Until Long Beach, CA, Firefighters Arrive

April 21, 2024
Residents grabbed the building's fire suppression equipment, including a hoseline, to battle flames before Long Beach firefighters arrived.

A Loud Labs videographer captured early scenes before firefighters arrived in Long Beach early Thursday morning, which resulted in a mayday call.

Firefighters were called to the condominium complex on East Spring Street at 3:53 a.m.

Video captured by Loud Labs, a freelance news gathering service, showed heavy fire on the first floor with residents fleeing the building. 

One resident grabbed the building's fire hose and began applying water to the fire.

Firefighters arrived and began attacking the fire, calling a second alarm.

"During the incident, a firefighter partially fell through a second-floor balcony, prompting a 'mayday' call. Fortunately, his crew was able to access and assist him quickly. The firefighter was not injured," the department shared on Facebook.

The fire was knocked down in 25 minutes by firefighters from Long Beach and Orange County Fire Authority. 

One resident suffered smoke inhalation.

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