D.C. Firefighters Often Blocked by Double-Parked Vehicles near Firehouses

May 21, 2024
Motorists are strongly encouraged to refrain from double-parking even for a few minutes as it delays firefighters.

Drivers are often double-parking near D.C. firehouses leading to delays that could have life-or-death consequences. 

Ride-share and delivery drivers often ignore the marked area and walk away from their vehicles near the Eighth Street station, D.C. Fire PIO Vito Maggiola told WRC.

Saturday, when firefighters there were rushing to a call for a crash on I-295, they were blocked by a double-parked car.

“They were blasting their airhorn and their siren. Nobody came to the vehicle initially. When the driver did come out, he was very nonchalant about it. No sense of urgency.”

They were jeaded tp the highway to block the road to prevent other vehicles from entering the scene where other firefighters were trying to help the injured victim, Maggiolo said.

“We just try to do our best to get to the people who need help. And we ask our citizens to allow us to accomplish that mission."

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