House Damaged when Training Drill Goes Awry in Lacy Lakeview, TX

June 13, 2024
“The whole thing was reckless and botched from the beginning. It was an illegal burn," said Brandy Zinz, daughter of the homeowners.

A training drill for Lacy Lakeview firefighters took an unexpected turn last month.

While honing skills in a city-owned abandoned house, the flames damaged the residence next door, KWTX reported.

Brandy Zinz, the daughter of the affected homeowners, Susan and John May, stold city council members that firefighters brought “a war zone” to her parents’ front door.

She questioned why firefighters went through with the training knowing that a fire hydrant had issues.

Noting that it also was windy that day, she asked why it wasn't postponed. 

“The whole thing was reckless and botched from the beginning, it was an illegal burn. (Town Manager Calvin} Hodde approved an illegal burn. They didn’t even do permits. Insurance polices— Texas Commission on Environmental Quality was not even involved in it. What was all the hiding about? What was the rush? People’s lives didn’t matter?” she said.

The council went into executive session to discuss the roles of Hodde and Fire chief Adrian Huff. They did not disclose the conversation. 

A firefighter said:  “What happened on May 19, was truly an accident...We put every precaution we could in place..."

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