Watch TX Crews Free Critically Injured Garbage Truck Driver

April 27, 2021
North Montgomery County firefighters worked for two hours to rescue the driver whose leg was severely pinned by the truck's dashboard and steering column.

Texas firefighters worked for two hours to free a critically injured driver trapped in a garbage truck Monday.

The North Montgomery County Fire Department responded to a call just before 7:30 a.m. involving a Santek garbage truck that had overturned into a ditch and ravine, according to the Montgomery County Police Reporter. When crews arrived, they found the truck leaning against a pine tree, and the driver was trapped in the cab.

Because of how the driver's leg was pinned under the dashboard and behind the steering column, a doctor was alerted about possibly needing to amputate the leg at the scene. The location of the truck after it crashed into the ditch and ravine and the way the driver was trapped made it difficult for firefighters to use their tools to extricate the worker.

After around two hours, firefighters were able to free the driver. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Following the rescue, crews continued to work at the scene because of a diesel fuel spill from the wrecked truck, according to the reporter. A hazardous materials team was called in to provide cleanup.