Mississippi Firefighter Blown Out of Home By Fireball

March 20, 2013
A Gulfport firefighter could have been seriously injured had he not been wearing full protective gear when a fireball blew him out of a mobile home filled with fuels, paints and solvents.

March 20--HARRISON COUNTY -- A Gulfport firefighter escaped serious injury when a fireball exploded in a burning mobile home and blew him out of the trailer, Fire Marshal Pat Sullivan said.

The fire about 5 p.m. Tuesday was in the 11200 block of Coleman Road off Landon Road, where a property owner was using a mobile home to store automotive and trailer parts from businesses he had once owned, Sullivan said.

The trailer also contained fuels, paints and solvents, and firefighters went in to put out the blaze.

"Something inside exploded, and the firefighter would have been seriously injured if he were not wearing full protective gear," Sullivan said. The firefighter was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Sullivan said the Gulfport Fire Department had come to assist Harrison County and Lizana fire departments.

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