Ontario Expands Benefits for FFs with Cancer

Nov. 9, 2023
Firefighters diagnosed with esophageal cancer will be eligible for benefits after 15 years of duty not 25.

Ontario firefighters diagnosed with esophageal cancer will now be eligible for benefits faster. 

Currently, firefighters and fire investigators have to have been on the job for 25 years before esophageal cancer would be considered a work-related illness. Now, it's 15 years, TVO Today reported. 

“Esophageal cancer is a highly fatal cancer that is rarely detected until the cancer is in its advanced stage, recent research has shown...We thank Ontario’s elected leaders for recognizing that the legislation requires updating to ensure that firefighters, such as Welland Captain Craig Bowman, don’t slip through the cracks. And, that they and their families receive fair treatment should they become ill, disabled or die because of their occupation and service to the public,” said Greg Horton, president of the Ontario Professional Firefighters Association.