Mooreland, OK, Firefighters Burned at Wildfire

April 9, 2024
One firefighter who suffered second-degree burns to his face and arms remains hospitalized.

One of two Mooreland firefighters burned at a brush fire over the weekend remains hospitalized.

They were assisting at a wildfire in Woodward County when the incident occurred.

"What happened is we had a slight wind shift here. The wind overtook the truck that they were near, and they were outside that truck. Burned their truck up, and they got overheated inside those suits," Matt Lehenbauer, Woodward County emergency manager, told KOCO. 

Firefighter Jared Brittain is still at Integris Baptist in Oklahoma City being treated for second-degree burns to his arms and face. The other person injured was released.

The 5,000-acre wildfire was extinguished and officials were assessing the damages Monday afternoon. 




Two firefighters with the Mooreland Volunteer Fire Department were burned after flames overran their vehicle while battling the wildfire in Woodward County. One has been released, while the other, Jared Brittain, is still at Integris Baptist in Oklahoma City after sustaining second-degree burns to his arms and face.


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