Buffalo, NY, Firefighters Recovering after Strenuous Week

June 21, 2024
The same Buffalo crew battled two two-alarm fires in 36-hours in scorching heat.

Buffalo firefighters have had a challenging week.

Battling two two-alarm fires in the span of 36 hours can take a toll. The extreme heat made it even worse.

The challenging week started early Monday morning with crews responding to a two-alarm fire at The Old Pink where they were met with such intense flames and heavy smoke that firefighters were unable to attack it from the inside.

“We work 24 [hours] on, and 24 [hours] off, so just keep your fingers crossed that the next shift will be a little lighter,” Buffalo Fire Commissioner William Renaldo told WGRZ.

But that next shift only brought more of the same.

The same crew that fought the fire at The Old Pink Monday responded to the two-alarm fire in the Cobblestone District Tuesday.

“They were very strenuous on the crews. It takes a toll. The equipment that they wear weighs anywhere from 75 to 100 pounds.”

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